Best Quinoa Dishes in Brooklyn

Summer is a great time to get your diet in shape. Whether you are interested in cutting down carbs, eating healthy or just lightening up your plate on a boiling hot day, there are some great vegetarian options that will help you beat the heat and keep your belly happy while you’re at it. Quinoa is one of the newest trends to crop up in the NYC food-scene and it’s popularity has taken off! It’s no wonder, either. It’s a grain-like seed that is so versatile you can eat it on it’s own or flavor it with your favorite seasonings to pair it with pretty much anything you like! It’s packed with protein and contains almost twice as much fiber as other grains! It’s also rich in a number of vitamins and minerals and is basically the supergrain to end all grains. Here are a few quinoa dishes in Brooklyn that will make you a believer.


Williamsburg’s Knife is a sandwich and salad shop with a quirky twist. They put extra flair into all their dishes and you won’t find any boring old turkey sandwiches here. The Kalenoa salad is no exception. It’s quinoa topped with toasted walnuts, avocado, shaved parmesan and dried apricots topped with a red wine vinaigrette. At only $8, this salad is one of the best healthy bargains you can find in the city.


One of the most versatile vegetarian menus in all of New York, ‘sNice has made a name for themselves by concocting unusual flavor creations out of healthy, natural ingredients. Their quinoa salad is no exception. It’s topped with corn, black beans, tomatoes and corn tortilla strips and drizzled with an avocado dressing. The best part is, it’s completely vegan!

Bar Bruno

For something a little heartier than a salad, give Bar Bruno’s Quinoa Veggie Burger a try. It’s rich and filling and topped with avocado, aioli and pickled onions. The burger is seared to perfection and has a delicate but robust texture that will melt in your mouth. It comes with a house salad or French fries, so you can decide whether to go all healthy or indulge in the crispy potatoes.

Juice Hugger Café

This place has the freshest and healthiest snacks on this side of California! Taking the California healthy-eating vibe and putting a New York spin on it, they serve a Curry Lentil & Quinoa dish that will make your tastebuds giddy. The lentils and quinoa are topped with seasoned spinach, carrots and tomatoes and, in addition to being delicious, it’s the kind of thing that will make your personal trainer hi-five you when you tell her you ordered it for lunch.

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