Best Seamless Special Instructions This Week

One of the best parts of ordering food online is being able to get the food exactly how you like. On Seamless, we provide you with a nice box at checkout where you can ask for extra sauce, give extra directions to your home, or send sweet notes to your delivery person. Most of the time, these special instructions are fairly straight-forward. But sometimes we find some real gems. This week we sifted through the special instructions and pulled out the best of:

Just being honest:

I had a long day so I’m gonna smoke a bowl in the shower. Try not to get here before 8:45. Buzz or call. Much love.

This may or may not be a cruel joke:

PLEASE READ:  Mr. Spiegel who has been a long time customer has been very unsatisfied with the quality lately.  Please don’t send a wrap with holes in it and scrimp on the filling of the wrap — please

Some of you have very specific needs:

Please use only free range grass fed organically pampered chickens who listened to opera in their coops

Delivering a daily mantra:

If at all possible could you please pretty please include a note that says “Be luxurious!!! xoxo” ? Thank you so much!

Some of the best instructions are simple and straight to the point:



Yes to bread and butter.  Yes to parmigiana cheese on the side for the pasta.

Make it with love <3

Did you leave your girlfriend at the restaurant?

will pick up my girlfriend.

Professing true gratitude:

Love you guys and appreciate your existence so late!  Very grateful.

A Triceratops’ dream sushi order:


You’re my favorite except…

You are awesome!! New favorite Turkish grill!! Wish you had tambule!!

Using the special instructions to send secret love notes:

Please include the following note: My Dearest [Rebecca], I hope this lunch is as yummy as you. Love Your Secret Admirer

1,979 thoughts on “Best Seamless Special Instructions This Week

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