Best Seamless Special Instructions This Week

One of the best parts of ordering food online is being able to get the food exactly how you like. On Seamless, we provide you with a nice box at checkout where you can ask for extra sauce, give extra directions to your home, or send sweet notes to your delivery person. Most of the time, these special instructions are fairly straight-forward. But sometimes we find some real gems. This week we sifted through the special instructions and pulled out the best of:

For the love of food:


Uh oh – We’ve got a pregnant boyfriend:

Boyfriend is pregnant and is always hungry 🙁 ORDERING FOOD FROM ACROSS THE COUNTRY IS FUN. 😀

This sounds like a fun game:

I love you and the person who picks this up needs the code word: unicorn fiesta!

Is “dank” a good thing?

Once again: give me some killer toppings. Make the tacos dank as shit. Mothefuckin’ blaze city up in here.

Inspirational words:

have the best day of your life.

I’ll be waiting:

COME INSIDE! I will most likely be waiting for you. If not, the lobby guy is really nice and there are benches. THANKS!

True Love:

Love you….

Please deliver food warm to my beloved parents.

Drawing requests:

Please draw me a cute picture of an animal preferably a tiger.

592 thoughts on “Best Seamless Special Instructions This Week

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