Dispatch From Corporate Bucket List: Win an Office Party.

Office Party Sweeps GrubHub

As part of our continuing series, “We Bribe You to Engage With Our Brand” we bring you Be the Bigwig: an office sweeps! Wherein you put us in touch with whoever plans the parties in your office and we reward your insight with a chance to win an office party.


Just click here, fill out some basic info and you’ll be entered to win. Then you do it once a day until 11/17 to increase your chances of winning.

Go forth and click on that link.

Or this one!


Bonus behind the scenes content!

Excerpt from earlier Gmail conversation between copywriter and direct superior:

me: LOL – turns out it was ibuprofen. Anyways, I need to write a blog post about Be the Bigwig. It will be 15 words long.
Frank: I hope they’re the most engaging 15 words you’ve ever put in sequence.