For the Love of Garlic: 9 Best Garlic Dishes

Garlic may be one of the most amazing, pungent, satisfying flavors out there. Although it may make your breath a little less than stellar, our love for garlic knows no bounds. Whether topping off your pizza slice with a dash of garlic powder, or roasting fresh garlic and slathering it on a nice crusty bread… It’s all extremely delicious. So here’s an awesome roundup of the best garlic dishes ever.

1. Garlic Bread

Perfectly crispy garlic bread from A Town Pizza in San Francisco

2. Garlic Shrimp

3. Garlic Knots

Delicious Garlic Knots from Ani Pizza Palace in Queens

4. Garlic and Potato Pizza

Oh hello… Garlic Potato Pizza from Pizza di Mano

5. Soy Garlic Chicken Wings

Super crispy and spicy soy garlic wings + drums from BonChon Chicken in NYC

6. Garlic Naan

7. Garlic Soft Shell Crab

Crispy Garlic Soft Shell Crab from Yamashiro in Brooklyn

8. Garlic Spare Ribs

The best Garlic Spare Ribs from Thai Tony’s in Brooklyn

9. Garlic Fries

Perfect Garlic Fries from Rincon Grill in San Francisco