Hurricane Sandy & Seamless Food Ordering

Hurricane Sandy and Seamless Food Delivery

The worst of Hurricane Sandy has passed and the process of assessing damage and getting lives back to normal has begun. In all likelihood, it will be a long and costly recovery from the worst storm in generations.

There continue to be massive power outages in the Northeast, so many restaurants and small shops are closed for business today. We are working hard to communicate with restaurants to make sure the site and apps are up-to-date. However, some restaurants on the site might appear open when in fact they cannot deliver, and delivery times will vary greatly.

When you are ready to order, we suggest placing a quick call to the restaurant to ensure they are open and ready for business.

  • If they are closed, but they appeared to be open on Seamless, give us a shout if you can by emailing to let us know of the closing.
  • If they are open, proceed to place your order. Don’t forget to leave an extra nice tip!

Corporate Clients: We understand many of our corporate clients may have a catering order or a standing Group Order scheduled for delivery on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please follow these instructions:

  • If your office is closed and you no longer require the order, please call the caterer or restaurant(s) directly to cancel.
  • If you are expecting the order, please also call to confirm their ability to deliver.
  • Please email with any questions!

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. Stay dry and be safe!

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