Introducing…Track Your Grub

Big day over here. After a long time in the oven, GrubHub is finally ready to serve up the beta version of its newest and most awesome feature suite – finally answering that timeless question, “Where’s my food!?!”

Announcing (drumroll, please)…Track Your Grub™ .

From here on out, when you order from a Track Your Grub restaurant you’ll receive updates on your order status on your mobile phone (either via text or push notification).

You’ll also get updated delivery/pick up times confirmed by the restaurant so you’ll know when that sweet grub leaves the kitchen for delivery or when it’s ready for pickup. Let the multi-tasking begin!

And for the grand finale, in limited cases*, you’ll even be able to watch your delivery make its way to your door… on a map… in real-time. (*that mapping bit is exclusive to select restaurants in NYC & Chicago for right now)

We’re excited to get Track Your Grub into your hands, and this is just the beginning! Most of the features are currently available in our biggest six cities, with more restaurants in more places coming on board each day. And of course we’re already hard at work on making Track Your Grub even better. We will not stop. No sleep ‘til Brooklyn!

There was lots of incredible work by our team over here to make this happen and we are all really proud to be introducing this technology that helps both our diners and our restaurants. Those of you that get your hands on it in 2012, let us know what you think. And we’ll get Track Your Grub to a whole lot more of you very soon. Until then – happy eating!