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At GrubHub, we’re all about getting things right. In fact, if we were to have a mantra about it, it would be something like, “we’re accurate 99.79% of the time – and always looking at ways to bring that closer to 100%.” There are a lot of restaurants in the universe, and it takes a concerted effort from a lot of different people to keep that data accurate. Restaurants send us updates and our customer service team is around all the time (literally – 24/7) updating information and helping us to keep our ducks in a row.

But there are the rare instances where our accuracy is less great than it could be. Restaurants could change their menu and forget to notify us because they’re busy, you know, running a restaurant. The truth is, we can try for but not promise perfection.

So we got thinking about that recently, had a little brainstorming session and came up with a simple and effective way to creep a little closer to the promised land of perfect accuracy. It’s not exactly reinventing the wheel, but, long story short, you can now report any discrepancy you see on our site the second you see it. Look for shiny new links inconspicuously plastered here and there and nearly everywhere our site has restaurant information.

So there you go. With your help, we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to change our mantra to, “We’re accurate 99.95% of the time – or at least 99.93% of the time.” And we’ll go from there. Look out for more new and exciting features coming in the very near term. 2011 = Year of GrubHub.

50 thoughts on “New & Sparkly Links to Click

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