Operation Obama

Barack Obama, the man that you (and the American public) overwhelmingly chose to be the next President of the United States of America, likes to order in.

Security has made drop-bys problematic, but Obama is said to regularly order take-out when he’s home.

That’s right folks, Barack Obama is a potential SeamlessWeb customer. He’s even more famous than our current top celebrity fan, John Mayer. Better yet, come January, when he moves into the White House over on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he is going to have a selection of 44 SeamlessWeb restaurants to order from online! With your help, maybe we can get him to become a SeamlessWeb user. How about a friend referral perhaps (is his email barack@usa.gov?)? Send us any ideas you have and we will do our best to get Obama ordering.

On a broader note, remember that SeamlessWeb serves 13 cities in the United States plus London. Because wherever you are, you should always be able to order food online!

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