Product Update: Seamless Deluxe Delivery

Upgrade Your Seamless Delivery!

We are thrilled to announce a new upgrade to Seamless called Deluxe Delivery. Starting April 1, 2013, you will have the option to upgrade your delivery order with three new and exciting options! Are you tired of your usual delivery guy? Well, now you can upgrade to a newer model…

1. Supermodel Delivery: “Did somebody order food?” she asks in a sultry voice, red lipstick drawing your eyes to every word as if they’re subtitles to the greatest food delivery movie ever made.

2. Adonis Delivery Guy: Our restaurant partner’s delivery guys are awesome, but what if you had the option to upgrade to a real quadruple threat? He sings. He acts. He models. He delivers!

3. Surprise Me! Whether you’re bored with your standard delivery guy or you just want to see if your co-workers are paying attention, this option is a different surprise every time you select it!

Deluxe Delivery in Two Easy Steps

Welcome to the future of premium food delivery! Browse one of your favorite restaurants from our extensive network of 12,000 local hotspots. Once you select where and what you want to eat, drop it into your bag and checkout as normal. In the final step, look for the “new” icon and select your delivery person. Click “submit” and await your upgraded delivery!Ready to try it? order now »