Profile: SeamlessWebber of the Week: Sally

SeamlessWeb’s Boston Member of the Week Profile: Sally

Every week, we ask a different SeamlessWeb member questions about ordering food online, food in general, and other fun topics. This week we have Sally, a professional mannequin at SeamlessWeb…

Name: Sally SeamlessWeb

Age: A woman never tells.

Occupation: Professional Mannequin

How and When Did You Discover SeamlessWeb? I was thrown out on the street and had nowhere to go. A kind young woman picked me up and took me in to her office. Since then I have been a loyal SeamlessWebber.

Where Do You Use SW? I use SeamlessWeb at the office daily!

Favorite Kind of Food: I try to stick to a strict diet to maintain my figure. Sushi and salads are a main staple. But I’ve been known to dabble and stick my hand in the candy jar — Peanut M&Ms and Milk Duds are irresistible. Just like me ;)

Least Favorite Kind of Food: There almost is no such thing — and I know everyone says that. But I really don’t like anything that is not delivered straight to my door.

Favorite Place(s) to Order From on SW? I’ve been on a serious Just Salad kick as of late, but also thoroughly enjoy Mooncake Foods, BonChon Chicken (I voted for them in the office-wide Chicken Finger Tasting!), and Pita Grill. I love ordering from Kanoyama for sushi with my girls on Bachelor Mondays.

Least Favorite Thing About Calling Restaurants? It can get really difficult for me to lift a phone to my ear sometimes… for obvious reasons.

Closest Previous Brush with Internet Fame? I keep a low profile on the Internet, so this is really my big debut! How’s it going?? Maybe I’ll start a livejournal.

Favorite Celebrity Chef? Swedish Chef. I love Swedish Meatballs.

Favorite Cartoon Growing Up? I used to love the Care Bears… So cute and cuddly!

What Superpower Do You Wish You Had? The ability to grow arms and legs. And maybe also apparating!

In the Past Year, What’s the Latest You’ve Stayed Up and Why? I am not much of a sleeper to be quite honest so I’ve pulled many an all nighter in my day… I see everything!

Plans for Tonight? Planning to take it easy — It’s been really busy around here lately and I am ready to just relax with some girlfriends :)

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