Seamless + GrubHub? Well, that makes sense!

We all love food.  We love talking about food, we love sharing food, and we love eating food. That love for food is one of the reasons why today we are very excited to announce that Seamless has signed an agreement to merge with the fine folks at GrubHub, bringing together two of the nation’s premier services for ordering takeout. Together, Seamless and GrubHub would allow our members and corporate clients in more than 500 cities across the U.S. and the U.K. to order from more than 20,000 local restaurants (tell us if we’re missing any!). We have always shared the same goal – to bring more business to restaurants – and by working together, we will be able to bring even more innovation to customers across the U.S and U.K.

We’re a match made in food heaven and as a dynamic duo we can expand rapidly while still maintaining the level of service our existing customers have come to expect from us. By bringing together some of the industry’s most celebrated products, including Seamless’s award-winning iPad app and GrubHub’s innovative Track Your Grub (who wouldn’t want to track their order?), we will be able to bring greater choice and more sophisticated (or just really cool and reliable) ordering capabilities to our members and corporate clients  across the U.S.

This is an exciting time for us here at Seamless, and trust when I say that we will continue to be focused on bringing you the high level of service you’ve come to expect from us.

For the time being, you will not notice any immediate changes, and we’ll both be running  business as usual. However, we will keep you posted in the coming months as we start working together to bring even better products and services to you. Eat well today. We are celebrating!

Jonathan, CEO of Seamless

P.S. We want to hear from you and welcome your comments and suggestions, so please let us know if you have any comments and suggestions below.

422 thoughts on “Seamless + GrubHub? Well, that makes sense!

  1. Andrew Ruiz

    But who’s customer service system will remain? Grub hub’s excellent system, or seemless’s abysmal lack?

  2. Jeff

    With Matt Maloney being CEO does that mean Seamless will take on the Grubhub name? No offense, but Grubhub is seen as a childish company (cute cut out figures, cartoons, robocop street example address, etc.) Seamless is professional, sleek, and has way better customer service. Hopefully Grubhub will be adopting Seamless branding…

  3. Poyraz Eser

    Congratulations for both of you! Another step forward for monopolism which is a small one for a consumers, a giant leap for corporate America.

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  5. Bruce

    I use both…mostly prefer Seamless, but the main reason (which I hope will be the norm in the merge) is the tip is included in helping reach the “minimum.” With Grubhub, sometimes I don’t want to order extra, meaningless food just to reach the $12 or $15 min, but on Seamless, my tip will often put me right over the mark. PLEASE keep the Seamless way (for all the single orderers out there)!

  6. jay

    Need a update from orderhub to be able to confirm seamless order on the same Device!!

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  10. Scott

    Agreed with Andrew. Grubhub has far better customer service where as Seamless’s customer server begs the question why they called themselves “seamless”.

  11. Andy

    We any service that beings more business to business get a pat on the back by me. I think it is great and a Win WIn situation and a plus for moving the economy ahead. It i extra special when the company employed is a quality company and can add to you r overall Image and impression of the business to their clients.

  12. Junior Baptiste

    hope we can confirm Seamless orders on Grub HUB orderhub it will improve service to our merchants Cant get no one on the phone @ seamless VERY ANNOYING

  13. teo

    If Seamless adopts GrubHub’s policy of the order minimum NOT including the tip, then I’ll be bidding Seamless farewell as well.

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