Seamless + MenuPages? Well, that makes sense!

Seamless Acquires MenuPages

We all love food. We love talking about food, we love sharing food, and we love eating food. That love for food is one of the reasons we run to work every day at Seamless (well, also to work off the meals from all the great new Seamless restaurants we “test drive” at the office). We quite literally deliver food happiness to our members, more than fifty thousand times a day. Today, we are excited to announce that Seamless is acquiring MenuPages, the leader in providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive menu content online and via mobile apps, across the largest metro areas in the US. Together, Seamless and MenuPages will continue to deliver food happiness to our local communities by being the most trustworthy source for restaurant information and ordering capabilities, whether it’s discovering a new restaurant to visit, sticking with an old favorite for movie-night-in, and everything in-between.

Over the last few years, we’ve heard countless times from our members and restaurant partners that a union between Seamless and MenuPages would make perfect sense. Why not have a single source for the most accurate restaurant information, user-generated reviews, ordering capabilities, and more? Well, we agree wholeheartedly, and that is why we’re so excited to be acquiring MenuPages and all that it will bring. Together, Seamless and MenuPages will provide online and mobile access to over 40,000 unique restaurant menus, over 200,000 user-generated restaurant ratings and reviews, and ordering capabilities to over 7,500 (and growing fast!) restaurants in more than 50 cities in the US and London. And, you can expect to see even faster growth and deeper integration between the Seamless and MenuPages websites and mobile applications over the coming months. That’s in addition to continuing to add the best local restaurants in your neighborhoods (tell us if we’re missing any!), being laser focused on building on our mobile feature set, and extending into new platforms (hmm… think tablets are a good idea?). Our sole mission is to be the best, most accurate source of local restaurant information and offer space-age (or just really cool and reliable) ordering capabilities. This acquisition is a 50-yard pass down the field and we hope you are as pumped as we are!

Seamless is so excited to welcome the MenuPages team to our family, where together we can combine two world-class teams and the best experiences, passion and innovative thinking to better serve you and our restaurant partners. Eat well today. We are celebrating!

– Jonathan, CEO of Seamless

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  • Anon

    The real question is whether you will allow each person’s reviews to stand on their own, or whether you will allow restaurants to pay to minimize bad reviews (like Yelp does). Hopefully you manage these reviews with integrity.

  • Nicole

    I am so happy to hear of this merger. I am a big fan of both sites. My only complaint..Menupages does not currently feature menus for restaurants in the Queens (Astoria, Whitestone, LIC, etc.) area. I hope that is something that will be offered in the near future.

  • J. Appleton

    Jonathan, where’s the celebratory promo code? MNUPGSMRGR? :D

  • steve

    Seamless is great, and I’m looking forward to more choices (although being in nyc already has more than I can go through in a lifetime). Although given that menupages menus are even more “bland” than seamless’s menus, it doesn’t help (me) want to order more or try different restaurants.

  • steve

    A simple picture (uploaded by the restaurant) along side the menu items would help a lot. (sorry for double post, since I can’t edit old post)

  • Tonia

    I think is great to have a MenuPages and I wouldn’t stop you. Seamless your the best and I’ve would stay with you long to order online. Keep doing what you do for members.

  • Allen Kelson

    Jonathan who doesn’t reveal his last name: Will you please answer Anon’s perfectly reasonable and salient question about whether your reviews will be trustworthy?

    Not revealing your true identity makes you see either juvenile or not completely open.

    Along similar lines, can you have individuals competent in English clarify readers’ comments so they are unambiguous and properly spelled — or will this be yet another slap-dash, buy-your-good-listings operation?

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  • Jack

    Thanks for letting in on these great resources..

  • Jack

    I have no words to say just want to say

  • brazylia filmy
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