SeamlessWeb on the Web (7.7.10)

Here at SeamlessWeb, we work with thousands of restaurants and we love them all equally. But we’re only human, and when blogs and newspapers write about our restaurants, some of them temporarily become more equal than others. Here’s a sampling of where SeamlessWeb restaurants made some news last week:

Where Am I Eating? Szechuan Gourmet – Fork in the Road

  • Fork in the Road beat the heat at Szechuan Gourmet and sampled their delicious cold appetizer of bunny rabbit dressed in black beans, Sichuan peppercorns, and chile oil.

Best Ice Cream and Frozen Treats in NYC – Time Out New York

Have an Egg Roll, Mr. Goldstone: 10 Offbeat Egg Rolls – ZagatBuzz

Peas Spell Summer at ‘wichcraft – NBC New York: Feast

Check back next week to read about some more SeamlessWeb spots!

38 thoughts on “SeamlessWeb on the Web (7.7.10)

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