SeamlessWebber of the Week: Sarah

Every Thursday, a different SeamlessWeb customer tells us all about how he or she uses the site. If you pay close attention here you just might learn something. This week we have Sarah (again!), an NYU grad student who just might be able to eclipse Jerry Lewis in France if she plays her cards right.

SeamlessWebber of the Week - Sarah Zucker

Name: Sarah

Age: 23

Occupation: NYU MFA Screenwriting Student

SeamlessWeb User Since: September 2008

Where Do You Use SW? Home, School, Friends’ apartments

Favorite Kind of Food: Seafood, Indian

Least Favorite Kind of Food: Thai, Red Meat

Favorite Place(s) to Order From on SW: Bricklane Curry House, The Pizzeria

Least Favorite Thing About Calling Restaurants? The anxiety of trying to communicate something over the phone and trying to pay with a credit card when you have to read out the numbers.

Closest Previous Brush with Internet Fame? I recently showed photos at Gallery Bar in the L.E.S. through because they found my website The internet is a magical place. Oh, and I once made a YouTube video about an Egyptian Meerkat Funeral that randomly became an internet sensation in France.

Favorite Celebrity Chef? Anthony Bourdain

Favorite Cartoon Growing Up? Ren and Stimpy. I had a little dance I would do to the theme song. It made me so excited when it came on.

Plans for Tonight? Karaoke at the Fat Black Pussycat in the West Village! Sometimes grad students do emerge from their cretinous caves…

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