SeamlessWebber of the Week: Sonia

Every week, a different SeamlessWeb customer tells us about how he or she orders from the site. This week it’s Sonia, a product developer who’s been ordering Japanese on SeamlessWeb for years!

First Name: Sonia

Age: On the cusp of 30

Occupation: Product Development

How and When Did You Discover SeamlessWeb? Back in 2003 or 2004 when I had access to a corporate account at my very first job. (Ed: What an awesome perk right out of college!)

Where Do You Use SW? Primarily at home.  Sometimes I’ll order using the SW Blackberry app on my commute home so my food will be there minutes after I set foot in my door.

Favorite Kind of Food: Japanese, particularly sashimi.  I’ve tried the chirashi from all the Japanese places in my area via SW! My favorite Japanese restaurant in NYC would have to be Sushi Yasuda. I also love steak cooked medium rare (Del Frisco’s is my favorite) and french fries (from anywhere). (Ed: While these special places may not be on SW, we have plenty other options equal in their awesomeness)

Least Favorite Kind of Food: Foie gras.  It made me feel like Hannibal when I ate it, and I had to suppress my gag reflex when I swallowed.  Sites like this certainly don’t help!  I also avoid tapas restaurants because I’m usually still hungry afterward.

Favorite Place(s) to Order From on SW? I’m partial to chirashi from Haru and the pad see ew from Tiny Thai.

Least Favorite Thing About Calling Restaurants? I sometimes have a hard time understanding accented English through the din of restaurant noise.

Closest Previous Brush with Internet Fame? During my freshman year of college, I won a cutting edge mp3 player through a contest online.  It was 32 MB, held 16 songs, and retailed for $150. (Ed: Did they share the news on the campus intranet?)

Favorite Celebrity Chef? Mario Batali.  I have orange Crocs to match his. The pasta tasting menu at Babbo was way better than my meal at Per Se. It was also about 20% of the price and not located in a mall. I also love reading Anthony Bourdain‘s books and watching him swear on his show.

Favorite Cartoon Growing Up? She-Ra. I wanted to grow up and be her but my mom said that was impossible. She also told me there was no Santa Claus. I was 4. (Ed: You can be whoever you want to be!)

What Superpower Do You Wish You Had? I wish I could read minds.

In the Past Year, What’s the Latest You’ve Stayed Up and Why? I’ve stayed up til 4am playing mahjong with my family. (Ed: Family game nights can definitely get way out of hand sometimes…)

Plans for Tonight? Dinner with a friend then packing for my weekend trip to Seattle to see my boyfriend!

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