Special Thanks During Hurricane Sandy

Image via carl365.com

It may be Halloween today, but we’re going to treat it like Thanksgiving and give special thanks where it’s due. Many in Seamless HQ have been affected and no doubt our hundreds of thousands of NYC customers were feeling hungry. We have been working and will continue working to ensure Seamless service to all NYC neighborhoods where possible. With tremendous thanks to our Customer Care Team and the NYC Restaurants, this has been a group effort.

Seamless Customer Care Crew!

The Seamless Customer Care team and the brave and tenacious Restaurant Delivery People are truly amazing! After we all got tired (or had eaten all) of our Sand Snacks, these two groups worked so hard to ensure that we could all still order a large pizza or some yummy Thai. We couldn’t have done it without these very important people and we thank them tremendously.

And we know that you do too!

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32 thoughts on “Special Thanks During Hurricane Sandy

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