Stromboli: The greatest dish ever?

Is there enough stromboli in your life? We’re going to venture to say no. The stromboli often gets overlooked for its more popular cousins – the pizza and the calzone. To give you some stromboli suggestions, we’ve collected a few of the best here in this list. The stromboli list:

1. Medium Supreme Stromboli from Pie Guys Pizzeria in Chicago

2. Stromboli from Uncle Vic’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn

3. Chicago Stromboli from Old Chicago Pizzeria in Alexandria, VA

4. Lamb Steak Stromboli from Lanova Pizza in Philly

5. Stromboli from Ciao Cristina in LA

6. Luigi’s Specialty Stromboli from Cafe Luigi in Chicago

7. Stromboli from Ultimate Pizza in Baltimore

8. Famous Vegetable Stromboli from Pizza Boli’s in Washington, DC

9. Stromboli from Golden Crust Pizza in Philadelphia


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