Tech Co. Commemorates Lack of iPad-Friendly App with iPad-Friendly App, Blog Post

GrubHub iPad App

Having finally finished chapter two of “You Started a Blog. Now What?” (Simon & Schuster, 1998), we have learned that we should “post content.” And, based on a quick skimming of chapter 3, it seems posting about “things that are happening in your life” is a great way to “engage with your audience in a compelling way.”

So, without further ado, we guess we’ll write about the new iPad-optimized GrubHub iPhone and iPad app that we just released, after four years of saying things like, “Should prolly make an iPad-compatible app” and “Are we making an iPad app?”.

GrubHub iPad App

Now, the truly great thing about this app is that it’s great for people who have iPads or iPhone. It’s generally less great for people who don’t have iPads or iPhones. But we saw an episode of Modern Family where they had, like, two iPads in one house. So we kind of figure half of everyone has at least half an iPad, which means a quarter of the population theoretically owns an iPad based on anecdotal evidence, re: Modern Family.

GrubHub iPad App

In summation, Modern Family is on too much. We’ve seen most of them more than once because we lay on our couch when we get home and it’s on and we’re too lazy to change the channel because we just busted our ass for years not making you an iPad app and then finally making you an iPad-compatible app and now we’re tired. So, so tired.

Anyway, we’re going to go home now. Got a date with our IKEA sofa and whatever’s on TV. If we’re lucky, it will be Modern Family. And if you’re lucky, you have an iPad or an iPhone. Because otherwise you just wasted way too much time on this.

Goodnight. TTYL.