Thanksgiving Ordering Trends from GrubHub

GrubHub Thanksgiving

We love Thanksgiving. Then again, we’re fans of any holiday built around a meal. Whether you’re into traditional turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, or would prefer to branch out with Indian, Japanese, or even pizza — we’re here to make the Thanksgiving season easy and delicious.


We took a look at order data from Thanksgiving 2013, and learned some interesting things about how takeout fits into this national holiday — including the fact that pizza accounts for almost 20% of all Thanksgiving Day orders (what?!). Check out the highlights, below.

So what (besides pizza) are people ordering on Thanksgiving Day? Burning the dinner rolls must be more common than we thought – after all, cheesy breadsticks are six times more commonly ordered on Thanksgiving than throughout the rest of the year. (Why didn’t we think of just ordering breadsticks from the beginning? Ain’t nobody got time for that!)

As well, we found that Indian food makes up 48% of the dishes more commonly ordered on Thanksgiving than throughout the rest of the year. Is it because Indian restaurants are open on Thanksgiving, or because people like to bring interesting dishes to traditional potlucks? Either way, we’re into it.

Besides what is being ordered, we also looked into when Thanksgiving orders are taking place. According to our data, those who order on Thanksgiving like to kickstart the day with a good breakfast – in fact, there are twice as many breakfast and lunch orders on Turkey Day than usual (and, in related news, late-night orders placed the night before Thanksgiving are up to six times higher than average. #Party.)

To round things out, our data shows where these Thanksgiving Day orders are most commonly placed. According to last year’s orders, diners in Minneapolis are more than twice as likely to order takeout on Thanksgiving Day than the national average, followed by Seattle (77% more likely) and Columbus, OH (50% more likely).

So that’s the long and short of things. Whether you’re ordering breakfast in preparation for a long day of cooking, ordering food to get you out of a rut from the night before, or ordering a few great sides for your “Friendsgiving” potluck, we’ve got you covered on Thanksgiving Day.

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