To Make 8 Great, We’re Going to Donate

It’s our golden birthday – number eight on the 8th – and we’re celebrating a bit like it’s a regular Thursday. Work all day, GrubHub ourselves some dinner, watch some “House” re-runs, and down a bottle of Robert Mondavi’s finest.

But that’s not to say we’re not doing anything special. See, today only, we’re taking the total of every order (e.g. $17.24) and donating whatever amount it takes to round that purchase price up to the next dollar (in this case, $0.76) to Feeding America®.

“Yay, Charity!”

Awhile back, we promised to begin “doing good” in the communities that have been so good to us. Today marks the start of that promise, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Feeding America.

In fact, let’s pause to talk about the good work they do for a second or two. Every single week, Feeding America feeds roughly six million people. That’s double the population of our home base here in Chicago. And again, that’s every freakin’ week. They’re efficient, too – somehow managing to squeeze eight good meals out of every dollar. Let’s put it this way – they feed real food to several real people for less than we spend on a pack of gum. Amazing.

So, uh, if you don’t have any breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner or dinner plans, GrubHub would be a pretty good option. It’s not every day that you can help feed the hungry just by eating, you know? And don’t forget, the more room you leave between your total and the next dollar, the more we donate.

“Also, We Love You”

And then there’s the other half of this, which is the “we turned 8” part. In the short and storied history of the Internet, there aren’t all that many .coms that have survived this long. We’ve had plenty of people help us along the way, but none more important than all of the restaurants and diners that go through us to find each other.  Without you, we’re nothing.

Cool Stuff We Figured Out about the Last 8 Years – Click on the Map below for more info

We knew we had a good idea – we wouldn’t have quit day jobs if we didn’t believe that with every bone in our body. But we didn’t know we’d find the sort of support we have, and we love you for it. Thanks, folks.

Now really, stop looking at this blog. For one, the design hurts eyes. But more importantly, it’s time to order some food. Feeding America has a job to do, and we have a novelty-sized check to write.

700 thoughts on “To Make 8 Great, We’re Going to Donate

  1. Adria Richards

    Wow, GrubHub is 8 years old? I started using you guys in late 2010 or early 2011 but I had no idea you’ve been operating for that long.

    Congrats on stepping up to contribute to a good cause as a way to celebrate!

    Love your customer service, restaurant offerings and menu details!

  2. Pam

    Finally, an organization that supports feeding America’s hungry. Frankly I am getting pretty tired of all of our efforts going overseas.

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