Today’s Order: Spice Symphony

The Order:

Today may be National Greasy Foods Day, but yesterday was the day for Chinese food with Indian influences. Or Indian food with Chinese influences. Either way, we ordered a delicious lunch from NYC’s Spice Symphony, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Spice Symphony is located in Murray Hill and made a special delivery to Seamless HQ. The restaurant has a vast menu full of modern Indian dishes with Chinese accents. With starters such as Samosas and Spring Rolls to Vegetarian Entrees and delicious tandoor meats, the menu at Spice Symphony is definitely something to drool over.

The awesome kitchen and crew from the restaurant sent us over 3 of their lunch dishes: Goan Fish Curry, Ginger Lamb Chops, and General T’os Chicken. As I am not quite a fan of Indian cuisine, I was skeptical about this order… So how did it taste?

The Meal:

The food arrived on time and it was all packaged quite efficiently. The extra sauces and chutneys that traditionally accompany Asian foods were packaged separately in little plastic baggies, to provide for optimal delivery. The side of Jasmin Rice was fluffy and fresh! The first dish that I dug into was the Goan Fish Curry. I don’t love curry, but this guy was mild yet flavorful. The fish was cooked perfectly and was super moist. While it may be controversial to bring fish into an office environment for lunch, we did it and it was totally OK! The fish wasn’t potently stinky and was absolutely acceptable. The curry sauce is made with chili, coconut and tamarind, so it’s sweet and savory at the same time.

Goan Fish Curry!

Goan Fish Curry!

The next dish was the Ginger Lamb Chops. Who orders lamb chops for lunch? We do. And you know what? We didn’t regret it. The lamb chops were cooked really nicely so the meat was tender and delicious, and the ginger sauce that they were cooked in was really nice. While the dish may have been a bit messy for the work place, we still emphatically recommend this dish. But perhaps when you’re not self-conscious of people watching you eat.

Oh hello Ginger Lamb Chops

Oh hello Ginger Lamb Chops

And last, but most certainly not least, was the General T’os Chicken. I was very curious how this traditional Chinese-American dish would taste with an Indian spin. It was definitely the most “safe” dish of the day. The chicken was cooked nicely and was not too dry. The chicken wasn’t spicy, but had a nice kick that made it very enjoyable to eat.

General T'os not General Tso's

General T'os not General Tso's

Overall the meal from Spice Symphony was great. For lunch or dinner, there are incredible dishes to choose from and we can’t wait to try out some more!

Check out the menu at Spice Symphony today! Got other restaurants you think we should try? Let us know in the comments below!

941 thoughts on “Today’s Order: Spice Symphony

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