Top Tweets @Seamless This Week

It’s been an extremely long week. We kicked off Hanukkah (have you eaten your latkes yet?) and we’ve all been gearing up for Christmas too! And now that we are about to welcome in the a weekend full of lounging around, sleeping in, and some more latkes, let’s take a moment to reflect on this past week. Through Tweets by our Seamless-ers. Check out the best of the best Seamless love on Twitter this week:

@AllieMali loves a good baker’s dozen.

 We’ve made @dmbastow34 an addict, and we’re not sorry about it.

 @justabide has a really nice and porky Seamless strategy.

 @Jenn_VanDam is the next Carrie Bradshaw.

@DeutschaTron is an uber fast Seamless-er!

No need for grocery shopping in the @iamjoeym household. 

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