Where’s My Campusfood?

We’ve got your Campusfood right here. No, for real, we bought them a while back and have been working on folding their website into our website for what feels like a long, long time. Now that we’ve finished that step, Campusfood directs right to GrubHub.

But Campusfood fans need not worry: the brains that kept that company humming for a solid 14 years are sticking around to help us keep helping you, and they’re as invested (awkward pun!) in seeing this dream take over the world as we are.

We know, change isn’t always the easiest thing to stomach (food pun!), but aside from asking you to get use to a lot of new colors and a few other design quirks, the notable differences are all perks – you’re still able to order online from your favorite restaurants in whatever town you’re in, but GrubHub also has more restaurants in more cities, always free ordering, the ability to pay with PayPal, mobile ordering through our app for iPhone and Android, 24/7 customer service, Yummy Rummy, etc.

So while a dash of caution is warranted, know that this was the logical step for Campusfood to take. They wouldn’t have taken it if they didn’t believe you’d join them for the ride, and they wouldn’t have been in a position to take it if you hadn’t been so freakin’ incredible to them over the last 14 years – thank you, thank you, thank you (go ahead and add some exponents to each of those).

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, strongly worded haikus, terse jingles, whatever – you can make some noise any time and always on Twitter, Facebook, our 24/7 Customer Service chat or right down below here in the comment section. We fancy ourselves excellent listeners.

Now let’s all get on the GrubHub bus. We’ll drive it somewhere new.

  • MissJRenee

    Campusfood was more efficient. Every time I try to use this site it tells me that certain restaurants are not in my range for delivery. That’s absolutely UNTRUE and I was listed as being in range on Campusfood, and I’ve gotten delivery from those restaurants before, even up until two days ago.

  • Charles

    I miss campusfood and the coupons they gave out almost every month. I have received nothing from GrubHub, no coupons whatsoever :(

    Campusfood, please come back, pleeeeeaaaaase!!

  • http://blog.grubhub.com grubhub

    Hmmm, do you mind dropping us a line at social@grubhub.com to let us know which restaurants are posing this problem for you? We can then take steps to see what’s going on here. Thanks for letting us know.

  • http://blog.grubhub.com grubhub

    We understand that Campusfood did things a little differently, however there is actually lots of opportunities to score Free Grub – just follow @grubhub on Twitter and come hang with us on the GrubHub Facebook page.

  • Campusfood Understood Me, GrubHub Places Me In Same Segment As All Other Active Lifestyle People

    The seamless (awkward pun!) strategy behind transitioning Campusfood members is much appreciated by us. However, we miss the feeling of knowing a food delivery service was created just for us, with our needs in mind.

    For example, at the beginning of the user experience for CampusFood, one had to select a college or university in order to continue. Although this can be compared to entering one’s geographic location, the element of “this experience is now customized based on your place of education” is now gone. There is a degree of loyalty (built up because Campusfood has an air of “we know what your life is about, college student” that has now been lost and I’m not sure how it can be regained so that Campusfood. Perhaps, during the authentication process from a Campusfood account to GrubHub account, the university dropdown can return. This will not only produce a feeling of familial assurance for transitioners but gathering this information will also help to assess whether you’re truly acquiring all the members Campusfood has abandoned in certain universities or not. If you assess that Campusfood’s activity at College X was significantly higher than your activity at College X, you will then officially know that there has is untapped potential and you know you will need to step up marketing efforts for that population.

    The college market, as you already know, is huge but we need to be spoken to by brands that “get” us. If you don’t target your messaging or offers to us beyond “convenient food delivery”, you’re missing out on potential income. Think Insomnia Cookies or DCSnacks (Rest in Peace). Again, it’s very sound that you’ve acquired a niche service, but you need to weave in some sort of messaging that lets us know you acknowledge us. Your email marketing, especially, is a good opportunity to offer different messaging to those that you can determine are affiliated with a university. Perhaps, this is as easy as filtering the .edu addresses from your email list.