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We Can’t Get Enough Of The @PiesAcrossAmerica Instagram Account

We came across one of the more excellent Instagram accounts we have seen in awhile. It’s called @PiesAcrossAmerica. It’s a catalogue of pies from across the nation, with a twist. Each pie has a personality and back story — and each pie has plenty of things they’d like to share. We loved it so much we asked the owner of the feed, Troy, to dish on some burning questions we had about the Pies Across America operation. Read on below and definitely follow along here.

The History of Pi(e)

When someone says it’s Pi Day, we tend to think of pizza, cherry pie, and those delicious Australian meat pies. But there’s more to it than that. Pi Day is a celebration, appropriately scheduled on 3.14 (the math calculation itself), to bring awareness to mathematics. To get the full scoop, we outlined a dual history — that of Pi, and of course, our favorite, Pie. Scroll and discover below.