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5 Ways to Stay In and Save

Embrace these inexpensive ways to keep busy, pass the time, and save some dough.

With routines upended and people spending the majority of their time inside, it’s easy for things to feel stale, drab and a bit of a bummer. While it’s tough to control the situation outside, embracing small routines can add moments of joy and help return a sense of normalcy. Find moments to treat yourself and revitalize your #StayInSaturday or #WorkInWeekday with these easy steps.


Start the day strong. Begin with a virtual workout and a healthy breakfast. YouTube offers a number of free workout classes, and there are great subscription apps that regularly produce engaging, equipment-free classes. Reward yourself for your hard work with a delicious acai bowl or any energizing food that suits your fancy. 


Organize your work space. When that afternoon slump hits, it’ll feel easier to focus when you’re greeted by a charming, well-organized station. Add some personal touches; try including a plant, some gel pens…even make space for that video game controller so it’s within arm’s reach when you’re ready to take a break. 


Make lunchtime fun. The work day is also the school day for many parents balancing remote work with homeschooling. Use lunchtime as a fun, educational opportunity. Preorder different cuisines for each day of the week and discuss the varying flavors with kids at home. Check out curry, pho, or shawarma. And with Grubhub+, unlimited free delivery makes ordering from different restaurants a no-brainer. Geography meets world history meets food? We’re in! 


Reward yourself after a long day. Relax with dessert and a movie. Switch from your day PJs to your night PJs, curl up under a blanket, and nosh on a sweet treat. Guess which celebrity has been known to order three to five desserts in a single evening.


Support your community. Order from local restaurants or send a Grubhub gift card to a friend in need. With Supper for Support, you can save $10 off orders of $30+ from participating restaurants 5-9pm every night including tonight!