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Grab your napkins and ready your hot sauce, it’s National Fried Chicken Day!

This indulgent comfort food has become a global favorite, but its roots are firmly planted in Scottish and Southern American culture. The Scots have been deep-frying chicken in fat since the middle ages, they then brought the method with them when they immigrated and settled in America. When enslaved Africans in the south got their hands on the recipe and combined it with West African seasoning techniques from back home — the crunchy, flavorful, flour-coated and deep-fried version we know and love today was born. 

A traditional piece of fried chicken is marinated, seasoned, coated in egg wash, and flour to ensure a crispy crunchy coating – and then deep-fried to a crisp golden brown. Fried chicken aficionados know that a couple of dashes of hot sauce and a good biscuit are must-have pairings and can be found almost anywhere southern-style fried chicken is sold.   

But whether you like your chicken with 11 herbs and spices, or prefer a spice blend all your very own, there’s no denying that the love for fried chicken is real with our Customers! We counted a whopping 2,782,872 orders in the last year alone. Everything from wings to tacos to tenders, and of course the sandwich wars that had your timelines in a frenzy — the fried chicken options are truly limitless. 

With today being a holiday and all, we thought we’d present you with a few yummy deep-fried options to inspire today’s takeout order. Which is your favorite way to enjoy a piece of fried chicken? 

Fried Chicken Breakfast Tacos 

Who says you can’t have fried chicken for breakfast? Scrambled, eggs, cheese, and salsa in place of hot sauce all wrapped up in a flour tortilla makes for a great start to any day.

Fried Chicken Salad

Looking for a lunchtime option that will fulfill your fried chicken fix but make you look healthy-ish if anyone noticed that you also had chicken for breakfast? Look no further! Fried chicken on a bed of fresh, crunchy romaine lettuce with a creamy ranch dressing and whatever topping your heart desires is the way to go.

Korean Fried Chicken 

Fried twice for supreme crispiness and then coated it in a thick,spicy-sweet gochujang (chili paste) sauce. Korean fried chicken is the KFC that you may not have tried, but you absolutely need in your life.

Nashville Hot Chicken 

Nashville Hot Chicken is also fried crispy and coated in a sauce, but there’s nothing sweet about it. To make this version of fried chicken come to life, a cayenne-laden spice blend is bloomed in hot chicken grease and then tossed over bone-in pieces straight from the fryer.

Get fried chicken online now by ordering from some of your favorite restaurants near you.

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