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7 Wing Sauces You Need To Know

Ever wondered what’s out there in the wild world of wing sauces? We've rounded up our favorites, and after close examination, have decided these are the only seven sauces that matter. Which is your go-to when you order wings?

Whether it is Kentucky, Texas, or Tennessee barbecue sauce, this is a classic for your wings. Barbecue sauces usually appear darker brown, but range in flavor from smoky to sweet. Find BBQ wings near you.

Buffalo sauce usually appears as a bright orange and is traditionally made from a vinegar-based cayenne pepper hot sauce mixed with butter. Often, buffalo wings come in a variation of heat levels, depending on what you can handle. Find buffalo wings near you.

This wing sauce is made from pureed chipotle peppers (which are dry-smoked jalapeño peppers), blended with vinegar, honey, butter, and lime zest. Chipotle wings have a more savory spice than the traditional buffalo wing. Find chipotle wings near you.

Teriyaki wings are a great play if you’re a fan of soy sauce or Asian cuisines flavors. This sauce is tangy and sweet and the wings often come with scallions or sesame seeds sprinkled on top. Find teriyaki wings near you.

While many wing sauces have honey in them, true honey purists will opt for this sauce. Depending on the mustard variety, these can range from mild to spicy. Regardless of the heat, there is always that delectable sweetness that lingers after each bite. Find honey mustard wings near you.

A garlic sauce is always going to kick up the flavor game a few notches. Add parmesan to the mix and this wing sauce packs a double punch. This mild sauce is a great way to enjoy a basket of wings that doesn’t skimp on flavor. Find garlic parmesan wings near you.

A close relative to teriyaki, sweet chili sauce is in the same flavor family with a slightly less salty taste. The central flavor rests in the sweetness and the aftertaste is a kick of spice, courtesy of those chilis. Find sweet chili wings near you.

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