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How To Order Wings Like A Pro

Between the weather turning and football season kicking off, it is safe to say that it is officially wing season. We’ve done the homework for you to lay out the best wing sauces and we have also let you in on some secrets for how to nail a perfect football Sunday spread — but now we’re sharing a few tips on how to make the most of your wing order. Scroll down to get the wing education you deserve.

Big decision: bone-in or boneless.

Your order of wings starts with one major decision: ordering bone-in wings or boneless wings. Both are valid options and it usually depends on your personal preference whether you love or hate either of them. Bone-in are great for the purists of the wing-eating world, while boneless are perfect if you’re planning to have one hand on the remote to switch between games. Some places will give you a split of half bone-in and half boneless — which is a great option for a party setting.

Know your wing sauces before you order.

We’ll get to the dipping sauces later, but there are TONS of different sauces or marinades that your wings can come in. Some you may know well are buffalo or BBQ wings — but what about Korean wings or honey mustard wings? Try searching for a specific flavor in the search bar to see if there is a wing spot that delivers a fun flavor to you. Brush up on a bunch of wing sauce options here.

Korean wings with a ginger, garlic dipping sauce.

Check daily specials — you could get 10¢ wings!

Depending on your city or zip code, there is a chance that a sports bar, pub or restaurant near you has a weekly wing special. If so, you’re going to want to plan your order accordingly. Most places will do $1 wings and some even do 10 cent wings depending on the day. Some even add sides like fries or mozzarella sticks into the mix. Imagine the endless wings you would have if this were the case… bottom line, make sure to check specials.

Fries on the side? Yes, please.

Dipping sauces are key.

We already talked about the actual sauce on the wings, but dipping sauces are arguably just as important. The best part about delivery wings is that you can order small containers of endless amounts of sauces (we suggest asking for extra sauce in the special instructions/comment section). We love classics like bleu cheese sauce or honey mustard — but also enjoy trying the more eclectic sauces like sriracha ranch and even an aioli.

Always ask for more sauce than you think you need — trust us, you’ll need it.

“Please add TONS of extra napkins”

Last but not least, if you want to go pro in wing ordering you have to know to ask for TONS of extra napkins and wet naps in the special instructions of your delivery. It is as easy as typing, “Please include some extra napkins or wet naps if you have them — thank you!” Easy peasy. You’re on your way to being a pro and having an amazing wing eating experience.

Get ready for the big game.

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