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How to Split the Bill with Venmo

It’s game time. You invite your best friends and their significant others to watch hours of nonstop, on-field action. Will Brad sit on the remote again and change the channel during a crucial play? Hard to say. But without a doubt, you’re ordering in for the whole crew.

Friends are great, the actual best…but sometimes, let’s be real, they forget to pay you back. And ordering 10 pizzas on the regular can hit the wallet hard.

We’ve teamed up with Venmo to make the “I’ll get you next time” phrase a thing of the past. Order in everyone’s favorites and easily split your bill between the gang on the Grubhub app by using Venmo.

New to the process? No problem. Here’s what you gotta do.

Make sure you’ve got both apps installed. Before you get everything going, double check that both the Grubhub and Venmo apps are downloaded and logged in on your phone. We’re kind of a cute couple, right?

Place your order like you normally would. Poll the crowd. Then fill that cart up with pizza, tacos, pad thai, chicken tikka masala, whatever your group decides on. Make sure everything you’ve got in your cart is correct, select a tip amount and hit “continue to checkout.” Sound familiar? You got this.

Review order and select your payment. Here’s where you might be on autopilot. Address looks correct, my credit card is in there…boom let me hit “place your order.” Stop right there! Go back to your payment option and select Venmo.

Allow Grubhub to charge your Venmo account. At this point, as long as you’re logged into Venmo, the app will pop up. You’ll see a screen asking to give Grubhub authorization for future purchases. Click “authorize,” and you’re all set. You’ll be able to pay with your current Venmo balance, linked bank account or debit card.

Place your order, get your confirmation and don’t forget to split. Sweet! You just placed your first Grubhub order with Venmo. Simply head over to the Venmo app and check out your recent payments in your feed. You’ll notice “split” underneath your Grubhub payment. Hit that, select your Venmo friends and split.that.bill.

Now that you’re an old pro, you’ll be paying with Venmo in the Grubhub app every time you order with friends. You don’t have to worry about Scott conveniently forgetting his wallet at home again.

Ready to give it a shot?