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It’s Game Time: Find Out the Most Ordered Foods During Football Season

There are usually two types of people when it comes to football season. Those who paint their faces and don the jerseys of their favorite player and those who are all “win the points, score the game.”

If there’s one thing these folks might agree on…it’s the food. Being the curious-natured cats we are, we decided to take a look at the most popular foods ordered on Sundays during the season last year. The winners may come as no surprise, but keep scrolling for some new twists on game day classics.

An original hamburger isn’t enough…there’s gotta be perfectly melted cheese falling ever-so-slightly over the side of the burger when a game-winning field goal is at steak stake — sorry, meat on the brain. Speaking of meat, why not let the star of the burger shine? Consider ditching the bun and getting right to the meaty good part by opting for a classic burger wrapped in lettuce. Just put that request in the special instructions and you’ll be good to go.
Crunchy, poppable, saucable, shareable…chicken nuggets are ideal for watching the game with friends. But if you pop them on a skewer with some grilled veggies, you’re instantly taking it up a notch.
You guys really love your burgers! This time, you’re feeling them slathered with barbecue sauce for a tangy kick. There’s plenty of variations including toppings like bacon and onion straws. This might be a popular order, but it’s no ordinary burger. Give it a try!

You read that right…potato wedges reign supreme over traditional french fries. This crowd takes football food up a notch. We recommend going to a whole other level by adding some sauces to the order: sriracha, cheddar cheese, salsa – the possibilities are endless. Think outside the ketchup.

The OG gametime snack…wings. Boneless or bone-in, naked or generously sauced, there are so many wing options to choose from. We recommend giving Korean BBQ wings instead. This version is fried not once, but twice and is often coated with a garlicky sauce before getting topped with scallions. Talk about a game day upgrade.

Order your favorite football foods now:

cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, barbecue burgers, potato wedges or wings.