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Inside the Bag: Josh Peck

With our “Inside the Bag” series, you’ll get a sneak peek into the lives of actual Grubhub users. This time, we sat down with actor and vlogger Josh Peck. Get the lowdown on his delivery highlights and top ordering hacks.

Let’s Meet Josh

Hello, I’m Josh Peck. I’m human. I’m a Scorpio. People most recently might know me as Max’s dad and Paige’s husband. Also, I do some YouTubing and acting and podcasting and just, I have many jobs. I hate that. I hate when someone’s like, what are you doing? He’s like, I’m an actor slash model slash adventurer and I’m a healer. 

As a new parent, how does Grubhub come into play?

Now with a kid, I have embraced how easy is to jump on Grubhub pick out food. Back in my day it used to be that you’d have three takeout options like pizza, Chinese food and maybe like some random diner with some ok burger or fries. And now being able to just open up an app and have hundreds of your favorite places that are close and easy… I can write a special little note ‘cause I’m very particular about additions and things that I like. Now we’ll do the catering option when we have friends over. I like family-style eating. I also love a discount which is why I love Grubhub Perks, because it actually gives you money off your order from certain restaurants or maybe a free item which is nice. 

What’s your food philosophy?

My food philosophy is that I do not discriminate. I can be a foodie at 10:00 AM in the morning and then I can end my night with like a disgusting street meat dog outside of the club.

What’s In Josh’s Bag?

When he needs dad time: Pizza

You can’t take the New Yorker out of me; it’s in my bones. It’s in my DNA. So sometimes if the baby’s been crying for 17 hours straight and I need some dad time, I’ll be like, “Don’t worry. I’ll go pick up the food.” I’ll grab some pizza and listen to a podcast on the way. It’s one of our favorites.

On a date night with his wife: Chinese or Middle Eastern food

We have some pretty standard fare, things that we love. We’re not deviators. The things that we really like are Chinese food, a little Mapo tofu and rice, and also Middle Eastern food. I’m talking about a mezze — just a mix of hummus, salad, some rice, maybe a little pita. We’ll make an easy bowl and chow down.

On a Sunday: Vegan mac ‘n’ cheese

On Sunday it’s football. You know what I mean? It’s American style. We’re hanging out, we’re  recharging. Sunday is my chance to replenish, hang out with the fam, and yeah, and there’s nothing like a little bit of vegan mac ‘n’ cheese, which is our favorite comfort food. If you’re going to be bad, be kind of good, too. 

When he’s feeling indulgent: Vegan desserts

When my wife and I want to be like bad, real bad, that’s when Grubhub gets really exciting. There’s so many options of delicious food, especially with like that vegan dessert craze now. I don’t know who figured out how to substitute butter in a real way where it actually tastes good…they should win a Nobel Prize. There are some vegan desserts that are almost better than real desserts.

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