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Pizza Crust: To Eat or Not to Eat?

As you know, here at Grubhub, we like to pose some dizzying questions to our diners. Do these hot button questions usually show up on Twitter in the form of the infamous “opinionated bunny”? Why yes, yes they do.

Well, what are we up to this time around, you ask? We’re asking pizza aficionados like yourself if–when enjoying a cheesy, saucy slice–you eat the crust or not?

And we gotta say, surprisingly, you guys are very pro-crust. Let’s take a look at some of the debate highlights…

Show some the crust.

Crust <3 4ever.

I want a crust...and I want it stuffed, he says.

But for some...they just don’t trust the crust.

Wait, really? But you should really try–

Crust or no’s lookin’ like it’s pizza o’clock.