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Ranch vs. Blue Cheese: The People Have Spoken

You may have noticed in an earlier poll we did about pineapple pizza — there are some food toppings and condiments that evoke deeply passionate responses from people.

Since we’re always game for a healthy food debate…we posed the question: what’s your primo pick for wing dip? In this corner, we have creamy, tangy ranch…and in the other corner, we have chunky, bold blue cheese dressing.

So…who won the fight? On Twitter, it was 59% in favor of ranch and 41% in favor of blue. OK — we see you, ranch lovers.

Regardless of the votes, the Twitterverse has plenty to say on the topic. Read some of our fave “fightin’ words” tweets below.


Ranch over blue cheese? You gotta be kidding.

Don’t be a blue cheese.

You serve ranch with wings? I’M OUTRAGED.

Let's keep it simple...


HALP. We have a ranchmergency.

Shed a tear for team blue cheese.

The circle of trust? Oh, you’re not in it if you aren’t team ranch.

Nothing worse than when they give you the wrong dip...

Ranch? Blue cheese? Who cares, I just want wings!