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Eating Mexican Food is 100% Easier Than Going To Mexico

While all of your friends are heading to villas in Cabo you could be saving a lot of time just laying outside in a bathing suit and ordering tacos from your local Mexican restaurant. If tacos aren’t your thing, we’ve got a few authentic Mexican eats you can get delivered listed below. Feast your eyes and taste buds on these Mexican favorites.


We have all heard of nachos, but chilaquiles are not to be mistaken for them. Chilaquiles are traditionally made by cutting corn tortillas into fours, lightly frying them, pouring green and red salsa over them, melting cheese on top, then adding toppers like eggs, beans or pico de gallo depending on the meal time. Most American versions will use tortilla chips, which usually does the trick.

Chiles de Nogada

This is a traditional stuffed poblano chili dish that you must try if you’re a fan of peppers. Chiles en Nogada are stuffed with picadillo, which is a mixture of meat and spices, topped with a cold walnut-based cream sauce (called nogada) and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds. You’ll notice that all of these ingredients end up coming together to represent the colors of the Mexican flag, making this a very festive dish.


The term ‘tostada’ loosely means anything in Latin American cuisine that is toasted. This classic appetizer can be eaten before you dive into a big Mexican feast, or as the main all on its own. They’re toasted tortillas with meat, cheese, veggies, and salsas topping them. They don’t fold up like a taco, wrap up like a burrito, or have a top layer like a quesadilla. You just bite down on them like an open faced sandwich.


There are many variations of flan that span different cuisines. But the Mexican variation is a favorite of ours. This sweet, creamy, vanilla treat can be compared to a custard-like cake — think crème brûlée without the crunchy sugary topper. The whole cake is then covered in a caramel-like topping that coats every bite with a sweet finish.

If your invitation to Mexico got lost in the mail this summer, just order all of this and you’ll be doing *just* fine.

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