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What I Ate in a Week: Dylan’s Grubhub Food Diary

Here at Grubhub, our employees are pretty obsessed with food. Every day, we’re making sure delicious food finds its way to your door….and to ours. Say what? Correct, we too order from Grubhub (so meta). With our “What I Ate in a Week” series, you’ll get a sneak peak into the lives of actual — […]

National Taco Day Has Finally Arrived

Today is a 24-hour fiesta packed with tiny tortillas filled with savory goodness. What day is it, you ask? National Taco Day. And we’re your host — deliverin’ tacos since 2004 — Grubhub. A classic carne asada or maybe carnitas? Whatever tacos you prefer, here are some of our go-to spots. From hyper-local joints to […]

Staff Picks: What Grubhub Restaurant Are You Most Thankful For?

This thanksgiving we’re thankful for many things – friends, family, health… but our delivery restaurants are high on that list too. We asked our employees in Chicago, San Francisco and New York City which Grubhub restaurants they were most thankful for and this is what they said.

I Ordered Pizza For A Week And This Is What Happened

We tapped Samantha Roby of Chicago Food Authority to order pizza on Grubhub every day for a week. Nothing like celebrating Grubhub’s Pizza Week with a pizza a day, eh? She sure knows her way around the Chicago food scene, so we put her to the test to see if she could keep things fresh while ordering pizza every day throughout the week. From her top notch Instagram skills to her pizza expertise, we knew we’d be in for a treat. Read on to discover what happened.

Tapas & Takeout With Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba!

We sat down with Chicago tapas joint Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba! to get the intel on everything from paella to tapas to the best dishes to order on Grubhub. Prepare for your next takeout meal to be packed with flavor, not to mention expertly curated due to the below suggestions. Read on for Ba-Ba-Reeba’s answers to our burning questions.

Top Vegan Dishes Ordered In Chicago

Just because a vegan diet is strict, doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious. Luckily for plant-eating Chicagoans, this city has plenty of restaurants specializing in the meat and dairy free category. So many in fact, that even more eateries are introducing vegan dishes onto their omnivore menus.

The vegans of Grubhub have placed their orders. These are our favorite animal product-free dishes available for delivery in Chicago.