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How to Throw the Ultimate Friendsgiving Party

Whether you live far away from your family or your best friends truly are your family…the perfect time to be thankful and celebrate is on Friendsgiving. Sure, there really isn’t a specific day on the calendar for this holiday…so pick a date, throw the invite list together and get excited.

Want to make sure you have an epic, food- and fun-filled party this year? We’ve come up with a few crowd-pleasing tips on how to throw the ultimate Friendsgiving. *Cooking not required.*

Create a food poll

After you’ve confirmed which friends will be attending, send out a survey about their food likes and dislikes. Is Katie bringing her vegan boyfriend or is John still gluten-free? Make sure you know what type of menu you need to craft to please the party. You’re so considerate, we can’t even.

Squash the traditional pot-luck

How many times have you had friends sign up to bring certain dishes and they either burn them horribly or forget to bring them? (Most of you readers out there nod.) Instead of Brad bringing that questionable “pumpkin-flavored” pie from the 99¢ store again — forget the conventional pot-luck and order in with Grubhub.

You can order up a variety of cuisines, creating an eclectic, one-of-a-kind Friendsgiving spread. Chicken tikka masala and tacos? Absolutely. Empanadas and mozzarella sticks? Without a doubt. Oh, and delivering desserts and drinks is our thing too…so feel free to order those. From start to finish, you can order the entire feast on Grubhub.

Split the bill with Venmo

Being the menu mastermind and life of the party doesn’t mean that you get stuck footing the bill. When ordering on the Grubhub app, you can then split the bill evenly amongst your friends with Venmo. So, no, Chad you can’t forget your wallet and pay me in high fives again this year. (Hint: we even wrote a blog about how easy it is to use Venmo!)

Ready to get the Friendsgiving party started?